Certification of Excellence in Clinical Research
Certification of Excellence in Clinical Research

Introducing the Certification of Excellence in Clinical Research (CECR)

Healthcare research is undergoing a transformation. And you are part of it. Whether you’re a researcher near the beginning of your career, a seasoned professional or the manager of a multifaceted research operation, clinical success today depends on highly skilled professionals working together from a common base of knowledge.

Setting a universal standard of knowledge in clinical research is vital to improving efficiency and ensuring that all clinical researchers are prepared to do their part to protect the health and wellbeing of the public.

The NBME has provided unbiased, consistent and contemporary assessment and certification of competency to healthcare professionals for over 100 years. In fact, we now do hundreds of thousands of assessments of healthcare professionals annually. The CECR exam is the next step in certifying clinical excellence and professional competence for clinical researchers. With two separate exams - “Investigator & Scientist” or “Monitor, Associate & Coordinator” - it can assess capabilities across multiple areas and, through specific scoring and feedback, help evaluate where improvements can be made.

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The NBME Certification of Excellence in Clinical Research is…

Helping to lead the transformation of healthcare by providing tools to objectively assess the skills of healthcare and clinical research professionals. NBME has a long history and deep expertise in designing unbiased, reliable and contemporary assessment processes for measuring professional competency.
Proven expertise in healthcare assessment

• United States Medical Licensing Exam® (USMLE®)
• Assessments for board specialty certifications
• Medical school examinations
• Research-backed assessment innovations
• Assessments in veterinary medicine
• Hundreds of thousands of assessments administered annually
Developed with the input of more than 100 clinical research professionals

• Academia
• Pharma
• Contract Research Organizations
• Healthcare Systems
• Agencies
• Institutional Review Boards
A powerful tool for examinees & institutions

• Establish a baseline of required knowledge
• Standardize documentation of competencies and skill levels
• Recognize skills and identify skill gaps
• Enhance training and education
• Improve professional development 
and career mobility

Why Be Certified?

The Certification of Excellence in Clinical Research will identify your strengths and help you evaluate areas to be strengthened. That can help you to choose advanced training or experience to keep you at the leading edge of your clinical research. It may also give you a competitive advantage, because you can demonstrate that your skills have been measured against a rigorous standard in the industry.

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